What we do?

fight for effective



Discrimination and Corruption in cannabis regulation has created an industry with less than 1% Black ownership, inspite of the fact that Blacks were arrested at 4X the rate of Whites for cannabis. BEC is working to support effective legislation to remedy this, against strong opposition to maintain the status quo.

Pursuing social justice in the courts


Legislation won't undo the damage of the past. Many of our Members were medical dispensary owners who's livihood was destroyed by disrcimination from cannabis regulators. We've turned to the Federal Courts and are currently suing the State of Washington in DC District Court.

Local apprenticeship programs


BEC has begun working at the local level to gain entry for minorities in the regulated cannabis industry. Opposition to inclusion has been strong at the State level. We're now proposing the creation of licensed, apprenticeship programs in local jurisdictions which are most negatively impacted by minority exclusion.

resist! Protest! Boycott! expose!


BEC stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We support defunding and reforming policing in the US. We're also fighting to end the abuse of power from regulating agencies like the WSLCB and those who benefit from their discriminatory and abusive practices.